Cotswolds horse cremation

Monday, 12 September 2016 by

Over the weekend coming I had a call to the Cotswolds for a horse cremation, the area was close to Wiltshire ,  when speaking to the customer, I didn’t realise that I had been there before, it was such a lovely surprise for  The customer and myself when we both realised I had of been

London horse cremation

Thursday, 08 September 2016 by

Yesterday, I found myself on the way to Dorking down at West Sussex London,  again, a returning customer, they was very welcoming upon my arrival, offering me a cup of coffee after a long drive and then early start, I managed to get there at the time requested and it went as smoothly as it

Aberdeen horse cremation

Thursday, 08 September 2016 by

Earlier this week, we travelled to Aberdeenshire for a horse cremation & collection, It was a returning customer, upon arrival I met the customers, previously I sent my driver Terry but he couldn’t make the trip,  they were very nice and offered me a drink, however, as per usual, I was filled up on red

Chatsworth country fair

Monday, 05 September 2016 by

Over the weekend, I was asked to provide standby for Chatsworth country fair ,  look early, once again, there was no emergencies and the Chatsworth country fair, it was a most enjoyable weekend and a great pleasure to be asked by the Duke and Duchess of Chatsworth house to provide such a service  

Plymouth horse cremation

Monday, 05 September 2016 by

Over the weekend, I have been on standby at chatsworth county fair  for the mounted games Association ,   My phone rang and it was a customer in need down in Plymouth, and I travelled all through the night and managed to get to my destination at 1:30 AM, arriving back home at 7 AM

Wirral Horse cremation

Thursday, 01 September 2016 by

Back to Wirral again today for another horse cremation,  I managed to pull into the yard perfectly on time, the vets was on site and they was very impressed with the efficiency of our service, I had a nice chat with the vet while I was there and gave him some business cards   Thank