Our Services

Hiding horseWhether you require us to euthanase your horse or it has already died or been humanely put to sleep by a vet, Abbyfield can help you with your companions final journey and will always treat your animal with the utmost respect.

Abbyfield offer two main services, one where we return your pets ashes and secondly, your pets ashes are scattered on our pasture-land in the Peak District. In both cases, your horse or pony is treated with individual care, even if you choose not to have the ashes back, we cremate each animal individually.

We are also licensed to put your animal to rest  giving you some time to say goodbye, this service is provided at no extra cost to you. If your companion has already been treated by a vet or died of natural causes, we will endeavour to be with you as quickly as possible to help reduce the upset and stress as much as we can.

As a third option, we can also collect your pet and take them to a licensed local disposal point for cremation.

Individual Cremation

After contacting us, we will agree a date and time that we can be with you and make our way to your premises as quickly as possible. Our services are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

You can choose to use your local vet to have your pet put to rest, or we can do this for you with the free bullet pistol method. We are fully licensed to use a free-bullet pistol, and this service is provided at no additional cost. This method is quick causing less stress for owner and horse.

Loading our horse onto our transport is very quick and efficient, and is done with the greatest possible respect. Our transport system is completely professional, and once loaded your pet will be fully contained and will not be visible throughout the journey to our premises.

Hiding horseBack at our premises, your horse will be cremated individually and the ashes will be returned to you in your choice of casket, including solid oak or willow. As a memento of your beloved pet, we can also  polish and varnish the shoes  and return them with the ashes. We can also wash and condition  main or tail hair to be returned to you. These services are provide at no extra cost. See Presentation Options for more details.

The cost of this service is £580.00

Individual Cremation without Ashes

This service includes all of the care and respect of the above service, but rather than returning the ashes, we will scatter them on our beautiful green pasture land in the in the Peak District. We also include the main or tail plaiting service and mounting of the shoes on a plaque with this service.

The cost of this service is £480.00

Disposal Service

This service includes: collection and disposal of your pet to a licensed disposal point.

The cost of this service is £395.00