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grey arab-iStock_000014855496XSmallCaskets

If you choose individual cremation, we offer a choice of caskets for your pet’s ashes. See examples below

NEW: Commemorative Plaque



Our Commemorative Plaque is a beautiful way of having a lasting memory of your horse or pony.

We take one of the shoes and polish it up and mount it inside a deep wooden frame. We also take a sample of the horses tail and add it to the picture.

The brass plate at the top can have the wording of your choice, e.g. pony’s name and date of birth etc.

Cost £80




Commemorative Jewellery

feature-newNEW: Pendants and Bracelets with Ashes


Our Heart locket bracelets come in silver, gold, rose gold & black and are filled with a small token of Ash – at £60 each. See images below

Locket necklace

Our beautiful Locket Necklace comes in silver, gold, rose gold & black and is filled with a small token of ash – £60 each. See images below

Other Jewellery

We have beautiful sterling silver Indian pendants with an elegant glass tube in which we place a small amount of your horse or pony’s hair. A lovely way to keep you beloved companion close to you heart. See pictures below.


We now offer horse hair jewellery made into a beautiful bracelet from your beloved pets tail & silver plated attachments. Bracelets come standard size, approx 7 inches as seen below.Cost of Bracelets £60


As part of our service, we will clean polish and varnish your horses shoes and return them to you with the ashes. 

There is no additional charge for this service.

Mane and Tail

If you choose to, we can also wash, condition the mane and or tail to be returned to you with your horses ashes. There is also no additional charge for this service.

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