Here at Abbyfield, we understand that it is important to honour your horse or pony with a keepsake that is a permanent reminder of your time spent together. We offer a range of various keepsakes such as plaques and various items of jewellery. The jewellery contains a small amount of your horses ashes or a sample of mane or tail hair.

At no extra cost, we also clean, polish and varnish your horses shoes and return them with the ashes plus we can also take a sample of mane or tail hair that is washed, conditioned and neatly plaited to be returned to you.

When we arrive to collect your horse, we fully understand that it is a terrible time for you and making decisions on keepsakes will not in the front of your mind. However, we usually find that a few days later, people are keen to have a reminder of their horse, therefore, we leave a leaflet with you detailing our offering so you can call us to place an order. We will carefully make your request and post it back to you with your horses ashes.

You can click on any image below to zoom in or take a look at our gallery of examples below. Each time has an order code at the side of the price, please quote this code if ordering by text or email.

Commemorative Plaque

Our Commemorative Plaque is a beautiful way of having a lasting memory of your horse or pony. 

We polish and varnish one of the shoes and mount it inside a deep wooden frame. We also take a small sample of the horses tail and add it to the picture beneath the shoe. The brass plate at the top can have the wording of your choice, e.g. pony’s name and date of birth etc.

Cost £80 | FR01

Pendants & Bracelets with Ashes

Our beautiful Locket Necklace comes in silver, gold, rose gold & black and is filled with a small token of ash. We also have heart locket bracelets that are available in silver, gold, rose gold & black and are filled with a small sample of your horses ashes.

Cost £60 | Necklace NL02 | Bracelet BR03

Glass Pendants

We have beautiful sterling silver Indian pendants with an elegant glass tube in which we place a small amount of your horse or pony’s hair. A lovely way to keep you beloved companion close to you heart.

Cost £80 | Oder code GLP04


Plaited Bracelets

We offer horse hair jewellery made into a beautiful bracelet from your beloved pets tail & silver plated attachments. Bracelets come standard size, approx 7 inches as seen, click on the image to see the bracelet close up.

Cost £60


A simple momento that you can always carry around with you, a key ring made from a small sample of your horses mane on a sliver key ring.

Cost £40 | order code KR06


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Frequently Asked Questions

We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, call on 07549 881985 or email me at

Yes, we are available 24 hours a day seven days a week. All we ask is that if you phone late at night or early hours of the morning, please use the mobile number which is 07549 881985.
You can call or email at any time. You know when the end is near for your beloved horse and at the time is may be too difficult to talk, so please feel free to email us and let us know you may need us in the next few days.
Yes, we provide an individual service for both transporting your horse and the cremation. Our facilities can accommodate even the largest of horses so your horse will always be cremated in its entirety.
We will remove shoes, clean and polish them and mount on a plaque so you have a permanent reminder of your horse.
As long as we are not previously booked or already on the road, we can usually be ready to travel to you within minutes of speaking to you.
We provide a UK wide service, so Glasgow or the far north of Scotland, no distance is too far for us.
We offer a range of jewellery where you can either have a small amount of your horses ashes inside a locket or mane or tail hair in a glass tube on a silver chain. You will have a reminder of your horse that can be close to you at all times. To see our keepsake range, please click here.
The ashes plus horseshoes, mane and tail hair will usually be back with you within a week beautifully presented in a casket of your choice.

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